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Christopher Lowden
Raleigh, United States

About me:

Workflow Informatics' founder, Chris Lowden, has 25+ years experience in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Software industries. In 2001, he completed his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry while working at Eli Lilly. As a drug discovery scientist in industry he served at every level from bench chemist to group management. While at Eli Lilly (Sphinx Laboratories), he also worked as a cheminformatics scientist, serving as head of compound registration. He served as Director of Chemistry at Synthematix (one of the earliest chemistry ELN providers) prior to joining Accelrys in 2005. At Accelrys (now Biovia), he spent 7 years as an application scientist working with Pipeline Pilot. During his time at Accelrys, Chris designed and developed the groundbreaking Medicinal Chemistry Workbench and Environmental Chemistry / Toxicology Workbench applications. In addition, he has trained hundreds of Pipeline Pilot users across the US.





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