About me:

Harish Shah is Singapore\'s pioneering local born commercial Futurist and the Sole-Proprietor of two businesses. He owns Mind Evolution, a Coaching & Motivation Services business, and Stratserv Consultancy, a Futurist Management Consulting practice mainly centred around Strategic Foresight. He is widely referred to in Futurist or Foresight circles as The Singapore Futurist.\n\nHarish is presently working on a variety of unique projects with promising futures, ranging from the market promotion of a premier online document trading platform (Flevy.com), to helping a scientific group with its long-term market strategy for an agriculture based eco-business project.\n\nAfter having made a name for himself globally as the critical reference point for other Professional Futurists in the areas of Technological Business Foresight and the Visioning of 2050, in the year 2014 Harish was acknowledged in the media for publicly having painted the future of Social Networking as one of Virtual Reality, more than eight months before Facebook declared that it is pursuing just that precise future, the company\'s primary rationale for the US$2 billion acquisition of OculusVR .\n\nHarish is a seasoned public speaker, presenter and strategic negotiator. \n\nHarish has working experience as an HR Consultant to some of the world\'s leading MNCs operating regionally out of Singapore, in Business Setup & Incorporation Services, Journalism, Order Mangement in a BPO setting, Exhibition Sales, coaching challenged personalities, managing large scale training and selling industrial services. \n\nHarish is contactable through his Mobile phone at +65 94510637. He is on Viber and WhatsApp.


The University of Western Australia



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