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Prequate Consultants

We brand ourselves as a Performance management company that enables businesses to concentrate on pure operations and marketing while we work on levels from Process to Finance. We are different from standard businesses in the manner in which we approach new age businesses. We are pretty selective of our clients and wish to work as partners adding strategic value in addition to making finance as a profit centre rather than a support function.
Bangalore, India

About me:

Established in 2010, Prequate was started by 3 dynamic Chartered Accountants. A shift occurs in Prequate's approach to rework operations and finance from cost centres to possible profit centres.



$50 per hour


  • Financial Analysis Consultants
  • Financial Forecasting Consultants
  • Financial Management Consultants
  • Financial Reporting Consultants
  • Financial Statements Consultants
  • Financial Writing Consultants
  • Strategic Planning Consultants